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    10 Things PSU First-Year Students Want To Know

    Smeal Student Mentors Advice to First Year Smeal students

    1. Wait to buy your textbooks

    Textbooks can get expensive FAST! Wait to buy your textbooks until the first week of classes (you don't always need to get the "required" textbooks). Or, think about sharing with a friend! Also, to save money try to rent your textbooks from The Student Bookstore on College Ave., or buy them online for much cheaper.

    2. Leave your dorm room open

    Leave your dorm room open for the first week of classes so that you can meet new friends! (But make sure to lock your door when you aren't in your dorm)

    3. Get involved early

    Go to the involvement fair to scope out your options and sign up for a couple of clubs that interest you. This year, the Involvement Fair will take over the HUB Lawn on August 28, 2019, from 11:00am to 4:00pm. Be sure to check it out!

    4. Be prepared for the weather

    ALWAYS have an umbrella in your backpack just in case and invest in a parka! Happy Valley weather isn't always the most reliable.

    5. Download Penn State apps to make your life easier: CATA, Canvas, LionPath, etc.

    There is nothing worse than running after the bus. Get the CATA app so you always know when the bus is coming. ALWAYS enter the bus through the front doors!

    6. Go to as many events as you can

    Most of the sporting events are free with a student ID, and other events, such as theatre events, are discounted for students!

    7. Go to your professors' office hours

    Going to Professors' office hours is a great way to have your teacher get to know you and get help with essays, studying, and more.

    8. If you want to study abroad, get on it early

    You need to apply about a year before the semester you want to go away, so don't wait! Meet with your adviser as soon as possible. Also, for most study abroad programs, out of state students will be charged IN-STATE tuition.

    9. Stock up on business clothes

    As a Smeal student, you will need to (and want to) attend different networking events, case competitions, and other things that require business casual or professional attire.

    10. Go to free gym classes

    Take advantage of the classes offered at the different gyms on campus since they are already included in your tuition!

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