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  • 12 High Beta, Undervalued Stocks For A Bull Market

    he American Indices S&P 500 and NASDAQ ended Monday at their all time highs signalling that expansion in the U.S. economy is underway as stock market index is deemed to be one of the leading economic indicators. Improved corporate earnings and several positive economic data points from the U.S. last week also confirmed the economy is expanding. With equity indices trading at new highs, we have shortlisted 12 U.S. stocks across sectors with beta of more than 1 which exhibit strong cyclicality and also appear to be undervalued offering an attractive choice of investment. We note that these stocks are currently trading at relatively low forward Price-to-Earning (P/E) with relatively low PEG ratio, which are considered attractive investment metrics from a valuation standpoint. Moreover, these stocks are estimated to register strong earnings growth during 2014 and provide high return on equity (ROE). Read More on Google Plus

  • 12 Stocks At 52-Week Highs With Over 100% Increase In Trading Volumes Last Week

    Today we have picked 12 stocks across sectors which are trading at their 52-week highs and have registered significant price gains and have registered over 100% increase in trading volumes last week. These stocks have registered significant increase in daily average trading volumes during the past five days compared with past one month daily average trading volumes, indicating a strong market interest. Moreover, these stocks outperformed their respective equity indices and sector indices last week registering significant gains. The shortlisted stocks recorded price gains ranging from 3% to 73% with daily average trading volume in excess of 100,000.

  • Top 8 Most Valuable Precious Metals To Invest

    Most of us are inbred with the mentality that shiny is always better when it comes to precious metals. Women and men alike often desperately lean towards pursuing the shiniest gem on the basis of prestige. But the fact remains that shiny does not necessarily always mean better. Often times, a mixture of external factors such as the prestige of a brand seem to fiddle around with the final price of a product.

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