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    27 Things Only Canadians Who Grew Up In The '00s Will Remember

    Back when house hippos ruled the world!

    1. The house hippo commercial:

    2. Ed the Sock:

    3. Watching Degrassi High: The Next Generation:

    4. Debating Sam Roberts's hotness with everyone you crossed paths with:

    5. Calm-faced Canadian Idol winner, Ryan Malcolm:

    6. Expanding your Lip Smacker collection:

    7. Robin Sparkles showing Canadian pride:

    8. Doing your best air guitar to Sum 41 songs:

    9. Writing on your Converse sneakers:

    10. Watching Laguna Beach or The Hills, just so you would understand The After Show:

    11. Wearing causes close to your heart on your wrist:

    12. Listening to Wave on your iPod Nano:

    13. Anything Paul Frank:

    14. Watching Velvet Empire and Sugar Jones becoming famous on Popstars:

    15. Asking for this series of albums for Christmas:

    16. Being shook by Shawn Desman's dance moves:

    17. Wondering what shampoo Kalan Porter used to get those luscious curls:

    18. The Jamiroquai-sounding song "Take A Message" by Remy Shand:

    19. Friendship jewellery:

    20. Canada's answer to Eminem and D12, the band Swollen Members:

    21. Making a mix CD for all the long Canadian car trips:

    22. That one song from Nickelback:

    23. Watching dramatic snowboarders on MTV:

    24. Being extremely confused by the "Get Down" music video by B4-4:

    25. Determining the hierarchy of your friendships, and broadcasting it for the world to see:

    26. Quoting Juno religiously:

    27. And Canada's version of Bennifer, Deryck Whibley and Avril Lavigne: