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13 People Who Are Definitely Not Giving Up What They Love

Your hobbies become passions, and your passions give you LIFE.

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1. This lovely gentleman whose only wish is to play with animals forever and ever:

2. This innovative man who always loved flying: / Via

Turns out you don't need wings.

3. This woman who still plays — and SLAYS — dress-up:

Courtesy of Mandy Caruso

4. This guy who will never give up martial arts: / Via


5. This thrill seeker who's all grown up and redefining what it means to play in the dirt:

6. These comic book lovers still doing their thing:

Courtesy of Andrew Cohen & Midtown Comics / Via

Comics are life.

7. This trampoline fiend taking his love for jumping on the bed to new heights: / Via

Get it? New heights?

8. These ladies who will never hang up their hats on playing pretend:

Courtesy of Jo Sarriot and Hurly Burly Improv, Facebook: hurlyburlyimprov / Via

It's called improv. Yes, and it's amazing.

9. This fun-loving dude who knows a good ball pit never gets old:

10. This daredevil just nailing slip n slide as an adult:

11. This guy who hasn't outgrown his love for train sets yet:

Wheeler Cowperthwaite / (CC BY 2.0) / Via

And hopefully never will.

12. These geniuses who won't ever forget their favorite childhood game:

13. And this man still playing with rockets: / Via

...when the ultimate collector's piece is yourself.

You don’t have to give up the things you love. Now you can enjoy Slurpee Zilched with less than 1% sugar.