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    Honestly, Bingo Is The Most Underrated Character From "Bluey," And These 10 Moments Prove It

    The show may be called Bluey, but there's no denying that Bingo also manages to steal the show and our hearts.

    1. When Bingo discovered a walking leaf insect and had the cutest interaction with it.

    scene where a bug lands on Bingo's nose

    2. When Bingo sang "Poor Little Bug on the Wall" during a game of pretend butterflies.

    scene where Bingo is laying in bed

    3. When Bingo gave this reaction after finding out she was going to the airport.

    scene where Bingo looks confused and annoyed

    4. When Bingo was determined to make the best salad ever for her family.

    scene where Bingo is playing with a hose, water bottle, and dirt in the backyard

    5. When Bingo finally got to show off her handstand skills.

    scene where Bingo is doing a handstand for her grandma

    6. Whenever Bingo would sing, whether it was with Bluey or to herself.

    scene where Bingo is singing while she's coloring

    7. When Bingo was the best nurse and took care of her dad in a game of pretend hospital.

    scene where Bingo is tending to Bandit, while he lays down

    8. When Bingo gave her dad the best gift after he played Rug Island with her and Bluey.

    9. When Bingo found the courage to use her "big girl bark."

    scene where Bandit is hugging Bingo

    10. And finally, any time Bingo would laugh.

    scene where Bingo is standing under the bathroom air dryer laughing

    What's your favorite Bingo moment? Let us know in the comments!