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    15 Times John Mulaney Proved That He Completely Understands Us

    "You could pour soup in my lap and I'll probably apologize to you."

    1. When he was extremely relatable while explaining how he deals with his feelings:

    Comedy Central

    2. When he reminisced about being a kid, but we could all relate to it as adults:


    3. When he explained that dealing with confrontation is never fun:

    Netflix / Via Netflix

    4. When he accurately described what growing up feels like:

    Comedy Central / Giphy / Via

    5. When he looked at college tuition debt from a different perspective:


    6. When he reenacted how pretty much all of us walk into a room — even those of us who are adults:

    the pie hoe / Via, Netflix / Tumblr: @the pie hoe / Via

    7. When he elaborated on his current sobriety:

    Comedy Central / Tumblr: @hogwartshousehabits / Via

    8. Every time he did an impression of his dad:


    9. When he brought us back to the horrifying fears of middle school health class:

    Netflix / Tumblr: @alexanderhamllton / Via

    10. When he talked about the thrill of actually opening the mailbox in today's day and age:


    11. When he took us back to the best days of elementary school:

    welcometoyourdoom / Via, Netflix / Tumblr: @welcometoyourdoom / Via

    12. When he said what we are all thinking:


    13. When he realized the irony of the "stranger danger" lesson:


    14. When he accurately described why middle schoolers are terrifying:

    Comedy Central

    15. And finally, when he understood how difficult it is to go out as an adult:

    Comedy Central/ Giphy / Via