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12 Delicious Reasons To Visit San Luis Obispo County

NorCal and SoCal are well-trodden territories for gastronomy. Instead, eat your way through the burgeoning culinary scene between the two in SLO CAL. Along the Central Coast of Cali, you'll find line-caught fish, grass-fed beef, and fresh fruits and veggies aplenty in just about every type of cuisine you can imagine. Foodies, take note — San Luis Obispo County is where your tastebuds want to be.

1. The Hatch, Paso Robles

2. Marston's 101, Atascadero

3. Thomas Hill Organic Kitchen, San Luis Obispo

4. Fish Gaucho, Paso Robles

5. Bristols Cider House, Atascadero

6. Luna Red, San Luis Obispo

7. Paso Terra, Paso Robles

8. Whiskey & June, Atascadero

9. Naked Fish, San Luis Obispo

10. La Cosecha, Paso Robles

11. Street Side Ale House, Atascadero

12. BBQ at Downtown San Luis Obispo Farmers' Market, San Luis Obispo

Cali calling you? Go where things grow, and hit up San Luis Obispo County. Taste some of the freshest eats in the state while living the SLO CAL life.