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Which Member Of Pod 112 (+ Kaila, Our "Resident Couch Potato") Are You???

The quiet misfits of the Butler Ballet Shafted Sophomores?? That one pod in a poster war against our Trump-supporter neighbors. We regularly dress up to "go out" grocery shopping, stop life every Thursday for TGIT, can't make it through a Friday night movie without falling asleep, and are generally weird but also really nice. Which of us do you most identify with? Tatum, Ashley, Lyla, Sarah, Ciara, or Kaila?

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  1. What is your spirit animal?

    Sid the Sloth
  2. What would you most likely wear?

    boyfriend jeans, headband, mustard, sneakers, and Colourpop lipstick
    sorority sweatshirt on a casual day, or heels and earrings to dress things up
    lulu lemon on weekdays, girly and dressy on the weekends
    sweats or leggings and moccasins on weekdays, signature glasses and a colorful lip on the weekends
    pink and pink!
    combat boots, babydoll dresses, anything velvet, overalls, grandpa sweaters
  3. Favorite snack?

    hot cheetos
    anything in the community area
    dry cereal
    skinnypop popcorn in vegan cheese flavor
    plain popcorn
  4. Favorite drink?

    Chai with creamer
    Soy misto
    ALC. (or coffee)
    Green naked juice
    Cran-apple juice
  5. Most likely to be heard saying:

    "dude" or "chill" (or both in the same sentence)
    "Okay, I'm going to the gym."
    "Shooot," or "You right."
    asking some kind of question
    "I told myself I'd be here earlier today but I had to run home from class to take my nap so here I am, 5 minutes before ballet class."
  6. It's Friday night, what's happening?

    Doing 80 sit ups.
    Planned to stay in but ended up going out anyway.
    At the HRC.
    Watching The Proposal.
    Falling asleep while a movie is playing.
    Date night!
  7. How do you warm up for ballet class?

    Get there an hour and a half early, do everything from foot stretching to jumping jacks and high knees, get sweaty before class starts.
    Get there about 30 minutes before class and does the splits with a flexistretcher.
    Inconsistent...get there between an hour to 20 minutes class before depending on motivation level or lack thereof...
    Get there 5 minutes before, sit in the butterfly. Good to go.
    Get there 40 minutes early and do placement exercises.
  8. Preferred alcoholic drink?

    Does kombucha count?
    Honestly anything.
    *Takes one sip of champagne. Gags.*
    Spiked fruit punch.
    Pina coladas.
  9. Music taste?

    Youngr, Alt-J, Coldplay
    Top 40
    Daddy Yankee
    Radio Disney
  10. Favorite ballet?

    Swan Lake
    Western Symphony
    Don Quixote
    The Nutcracker
    Romeo & Juliet
  11. Night owl or early bird?

    Night owl
    Night owl
    Earliest of the birds
    Early bird
    Night owl
  12. Coffee or tea?

    Caffeine is bad for you!
  13. Pick a show:

    Disney channel
    Gossip Girl
    White Collar
    Orange is the New Black
  14. Most likely to be spotted:

    In bed.
    At the HRC.
    Hubbard & Craven's
    Still in Lilly
  15. How do you wake up?

    On the third alarm
    After 30 minutes of intermittent alarms and hitting snooze
    On the first alarm
    Shortly after being woken up at the crack of dawn by a roommates alarm
    30 minutes before class
    15 minutes before class
  16. Favorite dessert?

    Justin's Peanut Butter Cups
    Ice cream
    Anything in the community area.
  17. If you weren't a dancer, what would you most likely be?

    Pilates coach
    Personal Shopper
  18. What does your dorm room look like?

    Pink everything!
    Shabby chic with a fancy headboard and bedskirt
    Well... I have a lot of stuff in there...
    Brightly colored bohemian
    Simple and cute, a few posters and sorority canvasses
    Cacti, candles, crystals, string of polaroid pictures, and a tapestry
  19. How many piercings do you have?

    too many to count
    two lobe piercings and one cartilage
    7 but I need more!!
  20. Where are you from?

    West Coast
    West Coast
    The South
    East Coast
    All over!

Which Member Of Pod 112 (+ Kaila, Our "Resident Couch Potato") Are You???

You got: Lyla

Tall glass of water with even taller shoes. Catch her at a party and then promptly up at 6 am the next morning to study. All bark and no bite. Diet coke girl living in a Pepsi dominated state. Fakes normal really well. Loves her lil Boston terriers and calling them by the weirdest nicknames. Big fan of fail videos. Ex-Starbucks addict, now addicted to Dunkin' k-cups.

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You got: Tatum

The energizer bunny. Only human on earth that can fit in yoga, running, pilates, swimming, ballet, modern, pointe, and rehearsal into one day without exploding. Passionate about exercise and nutrition, but also passionate about cake and ice cream. Lives in active wear most of the time but is always looking classy and put together for church and grocery runs on the weekend. Mom of the pod.

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You got: Ashley

One chill dude but also one hot cheeto. Never misses her daily 5 minute nap. Always dancing to Spanish music. Loves chillin' in Broad Ripple. Spicy and sweet. General Tso is her hubby and Aunt Jemima is her Aunt. Wears the same sweatpants every day for a week but is always serving up looks on Sundays. Born and raised in Illinois but a California girl at heart. Team Olitz.

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You got: Sarah

Resident hipster vegan of Butler Ballet. Still committed even though she has to live on Atherton stir fry and salad. Tries to seem super chill but is freaking out on the inside. Was valedictorian of her high school but can't pick up a ballet combination to save her life. Hermione Granger is her inspiration. Apparently has the coolest sister of all time. Takes too many pictures just for the "aesthetic". Torn between being a ballerina or running away to Portland and dying her hair blue (with vegan cruelty free dye of course).

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You got: Ciara

Loves all things pink. Endlessly motivated and productive. So on top of it that her homework is usually done at least a day early. Wakes up promptly at 6:00 am every day even if she doesn't have class until nine. Best smile. Always donates a donut to Ashley from prayer group just out of the kindness of her heart. Catch her practicing in the studio, playing her flute, or stretching in the pod!

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You got: Kaila

Cutest laugh of all time. Forever fun size. Avid supporter of lipstick of all colors. Causes Tatum anxiety with her lack of water consumption, but she's trying her best, ok? Generally hilarious and adorable and makes the most relatable side comments during ballet class. Gets groovy even to ballet music. (That one petite allegro song is actually a jam, okay?) Refusing to take L's on the daily. Team Olake.

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