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The 17 Stages Of Your Favorite Show Ending

A series finale can feel like a death. But eventually, you will move on. Sling TV offers over 20 channels of live television, so you'll have no problem finding your new obsession.

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1. You've been waiting all summer for your favorite TV show to return. / Via

Sure, sunshine is fine. And hanging out with your friends can be cool sometimes, but let's be honest: It's all just filler. What you really care about is finding out who the father really is and whether anyone will object to that wedding.

4. At first, you try to ignore it.

BuzzFeed Violet / Via

Don't think about it! Get lost in the storyline!!! Can you believe HE was the father? Gross. Why was she even hooking up with him in the first place? Her boyfriend named a BOAT after her. God, you hate her.

6. You stop attending "screening parties" with your friends. / Via

You really need to focus on these last few episodes. You can't have any distractions. Plus, Morgan always talks through the whole thing, and it's super annoying.

7. But you DO participate in discussions about how it's going to end.

"This is so out of character for him! God... Jesus, he's just doing this because the show's ending! The writer is just tying up his story! THIS IS UNNATURAL! OH THE HUMANITY!"

8. You clear your schedule for the foreseeable future.


No more recording it on your DVR and watching it later. You won't stand for spoilers in these, your dying days together.

9. You even start to vaguely acknowledge that there are other TV shows in the world.

A. Nyst

When your co-worker tells you about this awesome new British post-apocalyptic drama that she's totally obsessed with, instead of your usual rejection, you smile and say that you'll check it out. And you almost mean it.

17. Eventually, you make peace with it. After all, you can always watch the old episodes over and over.

BuzzFeed Yellow Video / Via

You realize that it is indeed better to have loved and lost... You will cherish the memories. You are a better person for having followed this story arc. You are ready to move on.

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