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12 People Making The Most Out Of This Weird Situation We Call Life

Be extra every day.

1. This guy who knows how to make a gym session go from zero to 100:

2. And this guy who created the dictionary definition of "styling it out":

3. This dedicated snacker who finally found a good use for the treadmill:

4. And this exercise obsessive who wasn't about to let some snow get in the way of her swim practice:

5. These thrill-seekers who saw a burst pipe and thought "watersports":

6. This person who passed a slow Saturday by posing as a dinosaur:

7. This guy who found a unique way to spice up his nine to five:

8. This co-worker who decided to instill fear in his colleagues:

9. This man who proves that the dance floor has no age limit:

10. This group who took the "be the ball" advice a bit too literally:

11. This man who simply put two and two together and came up with four:

12. And, finally, this person who has just stopped worrying and started to truly embrace life:

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