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The 10 Most Beautiful Exotic Fruits In The World

The kaleidoscopic colors of these exotic fruits are like something out of a dream! And now that the beautifully bold Dragon Fruit has found its way into SKYY Infusions® vodka, we can only wonder which fruit will be next. Take a peek at some of nature's amazing creations.

  • 1. Dragon Fruit

    Native to Mexico and Central and South America. Taste: This amazing fruit can be described as a cross between a strawberry and a pear. Its delicious red berry flavor can be enjoyed all by itself, infused with vodka or on top of any luscious dessert. But crave it you will!

  • 2. Kiwano Melon

    Native to Kalahari Desert, Africa Taste: Despite its intimidating looks, this funky little melon tastes like a mix of bananas, limes, and cucumbers. And, like a banana, it does not have to be refrigerated.

  • 3. Rambutan

    Native to Malay Archipelago, Southeast Asia Taste: Rambutan is Lightly sweet and mild in flavor, similar taste as the lychee!

  • 4. Jackfruit

    Native to southwestern India, Bangladesh, Philippines and Sri Lanka Taste: Like a cross between a pineapple and banana.

  • 5. Lychee

    Native to southern China, found in India, Taiwan Taste: Lychee fruit is sweet, with a taste somewhat like the combination of a pear and a grape.

  • 6. Star Fruit

    Native to Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka Taste: Star fruit tastes like a combination of plums, pineapple and lemons. The fruit is not too sweet, and is a wonderful alternative for most of our common Winter fruits.

  • 7. Mangosteen

    Native to the Sunda Islands and the Moluccas. Taste: Like a tropical fruit explosion in your mouth.

  • 8. Kumquat

    Native to China Taste: Kumquats have a very distinctive taste. The skin, which can be eaten, is sweet, while the flesh inside is sour.

  • 9. Passion Fruit

    Native to South America, grown in India, New Zealand, Brazil, etc Taste: The Passion Fruit tastes rich, ripe and sweet. Its amazing aromatic flavor will linger in your mouth long after you are done devouring it.

  • 10. Limoncillo

    Native to the Dominican Republic Taste: This fruit is cantaloupe colored and tends to be very sweet. SKYY Infusions® All Natural Dragon Fruit. Vodka infused with Natural Dragon Fruit Flavors. Skyy Spirits, LLC, San Francisco, CA. Please enjoy responsibly.