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Stages Of Binge-Watching With Your Significant Other

"If you watch ahead, just remember: I know where you sleep."

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7. Accidentally reading a spoiler on IMDB, and then having to feign surprise when it drops on the show.

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Otherwise, you know bae will kill you for ruining it.

9. Realising you're starting to talk about the characters like they're real people.

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"I just can't believe Mark would do that. Especially since Julieanne stood by him when he lost all that money."

15. Secretly watching one or two episodes without them anyway.

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Realising that you've spiraled and accidentally watched your way in to season three.


16. Almost give the game away because they're trying to guess the result of a cliffhanger and you can't resist making a "prediction".

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Chalk it down to how sometimes you have psychic predictions in dreams when you fall asleep in front of the TV.

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