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Stages Of Binge-Watching With Your Significant Other

"If you watch ahead, just remember: I know where you sleep."

1. Feeling bereft that you've finished your last series.

Luc Beziat / Getty Images / Via

"I guess we'll just stare at the walls like cavemen or something…"

2. Brimming with excitement when you get a good lead from a co-worker.

FPG / Getty Images / Via

"Joe in accounts told me about this new series..."

3. The nervous fear when you're watching the pilot.

BuzzFeed Yellow / If Adults Dated Like Middle Schoolers / Via

"What if there's no chemistry between us..."

4. The rage you get when your partner starts talking through it.


"Are you kidding me, Janet?!"

5. Forcing yourselves to sit and watch the "slow" first season.

Zave Smith / Getty Images / Via

"I've heard it picks up in season two. Trust me on this one."

6. Embracing this new series as your *thing*. / Via

You develop the routine – you make the tea, they handle the snacks, and you both grab your phones for some social media live blogging.

7. Accidentally reading a spoiler on IMDB, and then having to feign surprise when it drops on the show.

BuzzFeed Blue/Mind Tricks To Get What You Want / Via

Otherwise, you know bae will kill you for ruining it.

8. Becoming furious when you realise they've done the same thing when they drop a spoiler on you.

9. Realising you're starting to talk about the characters like they're real people.

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"I just can't believe Mark would do that. Especially since Julieanne stood by him when he lost all that money."

10. You've both started to flake on plans and family events because you need that sweet, sweet next episode hit.

IFC / Via

Just. One. More.

11. Realising neither of you have attempted to socialise with other people for a really long time now.

Cultura/Liam Norris / Getty Images / Via

TV is all the friends we need.

12. And when you do see your friends, all you do is preach about how good the show is.

UpperCut Images / Getty Images / Via

13. Making a "watch ahead without me and I'll cut you" pact with them.

Andy Andrews / Getty Images / Via

14. Being proper devvo because your partner is going on holiday without you, so you won't be able to watch the show for ONE WHOLE WEEK.


AND it ended on a cliffhanger.

15. Secretly watching one or two episodes without them anyway.

BuzzFeed / Jess Mendes / Courtesy of Sasha Bard

Realising that you've spiraled and accidentally watched your way in to season three.


16. Almost give the game away because they're trying to guess the result of a cliffhanger and you can't resist making a "prediction".

Morsa Images / Getty Images / Via

Chalk it down to how sometimes you have psychic predictions in dreams when you fall asleep in front of the TV.

17. You get the horrid realisation that you're only two episodes away from the season finale.

18. The show has ended. You're both gutted. / Via

It's like your pal has died, or something.

19. You try to rewatch old episodes, but it's not the same.

Peathegee Inc / Getty Images / Via

"Remember we didn't know that Barbara was Luke's real mother? Were we ever that young?!"

20. BUT! One fateful day…a co-worker tells you about a news series…

Paul Bradbury / Getty Images / Via

"It's about a maths teacher who finds out that they have ESP."

21. And the cycle starts again.

BuzzFeed Yellow / If Adults Dated Like Middle Schoolers / Via

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