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12 Circles Of Post Binge-Watch Hell

Be strong, you can overcome what is going to be the biggest comedown of history.

1. You are utterly, totally, and completely consumed by denial. / Via

"It can't be over, it just can't."

2. Survival of waiting till the next season seems impossible. / Via

"Go on without me... I am defeated."

3. GOD FORBID there is no next season, because your beloved show has been taken off the air. / Via

This may be the hardest life pill you've ever had to swallow. *GULP*.

4. You punish yourselves for finishing the series way too quickly. / Via

HOW COULD YOU BE SO STUPID? You make a pledge to pace yourself next time...which'll never actually happen. You've got binge-watching in your DNA.

5. You find moments of bliss when you sleep, because in your dreams, you haven't finished. / Via

In your dreams, it is always episode one. Always.

6. But every time you wake up, you face the same, soul-crushing realisation that it's all over. / Via

Reality is the true nightmare.

7. When you finally accept that you've seen the finale, your sadness will spiral out of control. / Via

You sob. You yell at the screen. You eat a lot of ice cream.

8. You can't help but talk about the show and its characters all the time, which is torture.

Buzzfeed Yellow / Via

Your life revolved around them, and now they're gone. You need to keep them alive in your memory somehow.

9. Your failures to convince your mates to start watching (so you can talk about it with them) hurt almost as much as not watching the show. / Via

Your friends don't understand the emotional stress they are causing you. Selfish bastards.

10. Your body clock is messed up from your nightly bingeing activities, so you are EXHAUSTED. / Via

Before, the constant stream of episodes were payoff enough, but now, the memory of happier binge-watching times keeps you company as you lie awake, crying into your pillow.

11. You torment yourself by rewatching clips and episodes because you think you'll find a sliver of solace. / Via

But really, it just keeps the heartache fresh.

12. You try to fill the void with your actual life, but you've forgotten how to function in civilisation. / Via

"What is this pub you speak of? Can I watch it? I'm sorry sir, but I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean when you say, 'you have a job to go to'".

If this sounds all too familiar and you would rather avoid such distress, Sky Box Sets are on hand to help fill that box set–shaped hole in your life. Our saviour.

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