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11 Friends You'll End Up With At University

You'll never be short of tea, cling film, or Instagram photos.

1. The Parent

ITV / Via

Can usually be found putting the kettle on, baking, or changing light bulbs. They supply all the things you can't bear to spend your precious pennies on, like cling film, cleaning products, and batteries.

They firmly believe a cup of tea will solve everything, and are always on hand to give advice, listen to you moan, or offer a heart-warming peptalk.

2. The Party Animal / Via

This is the mate that is always down for anything. ALWAYS.

If your Tuesday class is cancelled and you want to go out on Monday night, you call them. If you want to go to this random after party at a club two towns over, you call them.

You probably won't ever see them on campus, or in the light of day for that matter, but you know that whenever and wherever a party is to be had, they'll be ready.

3. The No-Boundaries Friend / Via

You've shared a bed, you've seen each other starkers, and you've both divulged your deepest, darkest secrets to one another. No, this is not your best friend, because with your best friend, there has to be at least one boundary to maintain a healthy relationship.

No, this is your there-is-no-line-to-be-crossed buddy.

4. The Study Buddy

Peter M. Fisher / Getty Images

This person is your lifeline, godsend, and guardian angel all rolled into one. They're the person that always has the lecture notes, hand-outs, textbooks, and more importantly, is more than happy to share, explain and answer all of your (usually stupid) questions.

This wonderful friend is going to make sure you get over the finish line.

5. The Guy/Girl Friend

Screen Gems / Via

Not to be confused with a boyfriend/girlfriend. No romance, no flirting, and definitely no sexing, buuuuuuuuut your relationship is not dissimilar to one of a more romantic variety – hence why everyone is constantly telling you guys that you should "give it a go".


6. The Paparrazi / Via

This person has taken 85% of the photos you are tagged in on social media. They're constantly glued to their phone, thus slowing down the broadband with the never-ending uploading of photos and videos.

Their lack of screening process also means that there is a persistent stream of unflattering pictures of you and your 50 chins.

7. The Chef / Via

Actually knows how to cook something other than frozen pizza and instant noodles. This person is extremely popular – for obvious reasons.

8. The Messy One

Tracy Nors / Via

Laid back and super chilled, but the sheer mass of mouldy plates in their room is frankly a biohazard. They are the yardstick to measure yourself against when you've taken things a step too far – be it staying up till 7:30am to write an essay due to be handed in at 8am, leaving lights on all day, or not washing for an entire week.

9. The Overachiever

Warner Bros Entertainment / Via

This mate will not let you skip lectures, and god forbid you mention sleeping through a tutorial.

They're on the committee of every society, have two jobs, work out every single day, and they're still going to get a first-class honours. Most likely to rule the world and be a CrossFit champion.

10. The Rich One

Warner Bros Entertainment / Via

Receives Ocado deliveries care of Mummy and Daddy, has a villa in the south of France, and is a tad overbearing with all the Gap Yah bants. However, they're always first to get the rounds in, and you can't say no to weekend breaks in Nice.

11. The Organiser

20th Century / Via

This person gets stuff done. They organise everything – from pre-drinks and nights out, to weekend activities and study sessions. This friend is basically the living Filofax of your life.

They sort out the utility bills, make sure you have the best broadband deal, and know which day your recycling bin gets collected. They sometimes scare you, but are utterly necessary to your survival.

You are going to be making a lot of different friends at university.

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