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12 Reasons Your Home Is The Best Movie Theatre

There's no reason to ever leave your house for an epic night, ever. Your perfect movie theatre is right at home, with SKY MOVIES!

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1. You can invite your pets.

Why should your pets miss out on the movie?

2. In fact, you can invite the whole team.

Rostrum Records / Via

And you and the team can talk through the movie and nobody will complain.

3. You can have pretty much any snack you want.

Have you ever tried bringing bacon and eggs into a cinema? Other people aren't really into that.

4. And popcorn freshness is guaranteed.

The popcorn will be warm and delicious because it hasn’t been sitting in a glass box for 17 hours already. Mmmmm.

5. You can actually wear whatever you want. / Via

And so can your pets.

6. You don't even have to wear pants!

Bye, pants. Can we get a HELL YEAH!

7. You don't have to worry about that tall guy blocking your view.

Image Source / Via Getty

In your home theatre, all tall guys must sit in the back. And fetch snacks. Because you make the rules.

8. You basically don't ever have to leave your couch.

Because your couch is the most comfortable.

9. And snacks don't have an 800% markup.

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What does cinema popcorn think it is anyway... made of gold?

10. So you'll still feel rich at the the end of the night.

~Bury me in my money~

11. You can drink whatever you want.

This is your home movie theatre. There is no teen in a red vest telling you what to do.

12. And you never have to hide your emotions.

So you can ugly cry all you want and nobody will even judge. Phew.

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