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18 Reasons To Watch The Ryder Cup This September

Team Blue or Team Red? Choose your colours and catch the 2016 Ryder Cup exclusively live on Sky Sports from 30 September.

1. Team Europe vs Team USA is the best kind of rivalry.

2. (Although, it hasn't always been that way.)

3. The players receive no money for participating. It's entirely about the glory.

4. It's one of the rare times players get to really play against each other.

5. It's also one of the rarer times golfers get to play as part of a team.

6. spirit is just as important as talent. Perhaps even more so!

7. The format's pretty easy to follow.

8. And the final day can change everything.

9. Like the famous "Miracle at Medinah" in 2012...

10. And in 2010 too, when Europe took back the trophy on the final match.

11. Europe is looking for a fourth successive victory.

12. Overall, Europe has 10 wins to the USA's 7, with 1 tie.

13. Golf was made for modern TV.

14. The uniforms are usually pretty...interesting.

15. The fans get *really* into it.

16. As do the golfers!

17. It's a chance to see a "Team Europe" (while we still can)!

18. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned vet, the Ryder Cup never fails to draw you in.

Watch the 2016 Ryder Cup exclusively live only on Sky Sports.

All images courtesy of Sky Sports.