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Movie Marathons You Need To Do Right Now

Sometimes you just gotta close the curtains and spend all day with your TV. Need a movie marathon? We've got one for every situation, with 1,000 movies on demand on Sky Movies.

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1. The "Outlaw Buddy Movie" Marathon

Your best mate's coming over for mac 'n' cheese and a hearty bitch about the world. What do you stick on the telly to suit the mood? These badass gems.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Planes, Trains & Automobiles / Paramount Pictures / Via

What? It's about two people who clearly love each other driving around in a car (and plane and train). It's totally relevant to this marathon.

2. The "Vintage Stephen King" Marathon

Wanna scare your own socks off? For blood and ghosts and death and horror, just go straight to the man we can blame for pretty much every nightmare we ever had.

The Shining

The Shining / Warner Bros. / Via

If you're being honest with yourself, all you want to do right now is shut down the computer and go home and watch The Shining. That's it. That's all you wanna do. Jack agrees.

3. The "Mob" Marathon

Don't leave the cannoli; grab it and eat it in front of these.

The Godfather Part II

The Godfather Part II / Paramount Pictures / Via

Do you agree that in this rare occasion the sequel is better than the original? Someone will ask this at a party at some point, so you should probably have your answer ready.

4. The "#Fitspiration" Marathon

Are you feeling lazy and like moving from the sofa to the kitchen is just too much effort because you love movies so much all you do is watch movies? This one's for you.

NB. There are only two movies in this marathon. After these, you go to the gym.

5. The "Badass Women" Marathon

Tired of seeing over-the-hill men in greasy vests dispense justice on behalf of us all? Now's the time for something a little stronger than just girl power.

Edge of Tomorrow

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

It's like a video game swallowed 50 cans of energy drink and went for a run – and it stars Emily Blunt as humanity's best chance of beating tentacled alien baddies. Oh, and that guy from Cocktail is in it too.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

20th Century Fox / Marvel / Via

The latest and greatest installment of the X-Franchise put Jennifer Lawrence's shapeshifting Mystique front and centre, making her part spy, part high-kicking assassin. And that's without even wearing trousers. Take that, action heroes.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Walt Disney Studios Pictures / Via

It doesn't get any more badass – or heartbreaking – than green-skinned mega lady Gamora, played by Zoe Saldana. A former killing machine, she uses her crazy space-ninja skills to help out Guardians' motley crew of space pirates. You go, girl.

6. The "I'm Home With a Serious Cold and Might Actually Be Patient Zero" Marathon

How sick are you? Are you probably on your deathbed? You should watch these to find out what will happen when you, y'know, pass over.

7. The "Mid-Relationship" Marathon

Maybe you're thinking of breaking up with someone and need to remind yourself how awful it is out there. Here is a double bill to do just that.

50 First Dates

50 First Dates / Columbia Pictures / Via

First you need to remind yourself how awkward first dates are and how no human on Earth should be put through that unless it's entirely necessary. Your relationship is probably fine.

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