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13 Kids Who Are Determined To Make The World Their Own

Like little Pablo Picassos (or some other famous painter whose work you don't quite get).

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Ah, children... The world is their canvas. And, by gosh, are they willing to make it their own.

And when we say make it their own, we mean literally make it their own.

1. The young lad tried to upcycle his old highchair into something more to his taste.

Because in his eyes, everything (including himself) looks better in a nice shade of blue.

2. This interior design duo decided to put their own personal styling on the living room. / Via

Would still probably have more chance of happy owners than on Changing Rooms.

3. Whereas this lot have been a bit more abstract in remodelling the kitchen in their own vision. / Via


4. Of course, personalising yourself is a huge part of growing up. It's all about finding your own identity.


Hopefully this identity has evolved a bit since.

5. You have to really get to know what you're working with. / Via

Like, really get your hands stuck in.

6. I mean, until you know what you like, how can you start deciding which things you absolutely *must* have right this second? / Via

Almost makes you yearn for the days when you hadn't a clue what you wanted.

7. Some experiment with making their mark by personalising the people around them. / Via

They're like tiny little influencers.

8. Whereas some mammals choose to personalise things by urinating on them to make them their own.


So judging by this, the mum's hair now belongs to the kid.

9. Ah, this is classic. What better way to personalise something than literally imprinting your face in it?


Now everyone's definitely going to know it's his because there's a massive crater where his face has just been. Marvellous.

10. Now, these lads are thinking outside the box. They've decided that they would be a canvas for the world. / Via

I don't know about you, but this is extremely meta.

11. This little guy has added his own personal touch to the kitchen, but it's edible too! / Via

Absolute maverick.

12. Of course, trying all these new things can be pretty exhausting. / Via

"I see now that insisting that mother only serve me alphabet spaghetti was a poor decision."

13. And sometimes making things your own comes with a bit of resistance.

"This is mine now" obviously isn't an idea the family dog subscribes to.

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