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49 Free Things Your Child Will Absolutely Love

Kids, eh? So easy to please.

1. Bubble Wrap

2. More Bubble Wrap when they've popped the first batch

3. Your attention

4. A stick

5. A rock

6. Seriously. Just a plain old rock.

7. A bubble bath

8. Bubbles

9. A cardboard box

10. Multiple cardboard boxes

11. A sleepover at Grandma's

12. Blowing raspberries

13. A piece of advice that they may take someday

14. The promise of getting a puppy when they're older – bonus points if you actually honour it

15. A bedtime story

16. An old, broken mobile phone that's been sat in a drawer somewhere

17. A loo roll cardboard tube

18. A fort made out of bedsheets and pillows

19. A game of hide-and-seek

20. Rubber bands

21. A pillowcase cape

22. A daisy chain

23. Cereal boxes

24. A pencil and paper

25. Paper clips


27. Your glasses

28. A hug

29. A secret handshake

30. Blu-Tack. All of the Blu-Tack.

31. The title "assistant gardener"

32. Their own patch in the garden

33. Various sounds made by their own body

34. Various sounds made by your body

35. Fistfuls of soil

36. Dumping said soil all over the garden

37. Paper to scribble on

38. Walls to scribble on

39. Literally anything to scribble on

40. Puddles

41. Staying up past their bedtime

42. Moving walkways at the airport (but who doesn't love those?)

43. Trying your shoes on

44. Toppling things over

45. A pet slug

46. (A snail will also suffice.)

47. Wine corks

48. A sibling

49. A warm, loving environment

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