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14 Reasons Why Staying In Is The New Going Out

Some people may call you a hermit… and they’re totally right. Good thing Sky Go is there to keep the fun going anytime, anywhere you like.

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1. Being outdoors is so overrated.

2. Nature doesn't even LIKE you that much.

3. Don't feel like leaving your bed today? You don't have to.

4. To be honest, you're too broke to go out tonight anyway.

5. Feel like a snack? Eating 4 whole orders of chips is weird when you're in public, but not in the privacy of your own home!

6. Maybe you're still hungry — just order some takeaway. Nobody is judging you.

7. Cleanliness is really open-ended in your own home. It's all relative, anyway.

8. No trousers? No problem!

Cyndi Norrie/ Buzzfeed

9. Or maybe pyjamas are more your thing.

10. That scarf you've been knitting? Go for it!

11. Oh, and that blog you started forever ago and never update? UPDATED.

12. So curl up in bed and catch up on Girls...

13. ...or maybe even light a nice warm fire and watch the latest series of Grey’s Anatomy.

14. Whatever you do, be as lazy as possible.


Because really, there's just nothing better.