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These Female Athletes Modeled Like Victoria's Secret Angels And Totally Rocked It

"When I was getting my picture taken I just felt free. Free in my own skin."

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Caroline Burckle - IG: @caroburckle

Marlene Colin - IG: @marwizzlecolin / Twitter: @colinmarlene

Brittany Combs - IG: @customizedbrat / Twitter: @customizedbrat

Lydia Fixel - IG: @lydiafixel

Jamie Hagiya - IG: @jamiejoyce2

Kelli Hayes - IG: @hellikayes / Twitter: @kellihayes23

Erin Jones - IG: @e.erinjw

Kim Vandenberg - IG: @kimswim / Twitter: @kimswim1

Select lingerie pieces donated by Curvy Couture

IG: @curvycoutureintimates

Hair by:

Crystal Mijango - IG: @crystalmijangohair

Samantha Harmon -

Makeup by:

Christina Inciong - IG: @chrisxbeauty

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