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What Would You Do With Unlimited Skittles?

Just think of the endless possibilities!

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So, get this... what if it rained Skittles on your entire city?

Jonpaul Douglass, Instagram: @jonpauldouglass
David Schwen, Instagram: @dschwen

Or if you had a pet cloud that rained Skittles everywhere?!

Millions of Skittles at your disposal...

Not just one bag... MANY as your heart desires!

shvili / Thinkstock

What would you do with them?!


Would you make a Skittles suit?

Who's the man now?
Kewiki / Via Instagram: @kewiki

Who's the man now?

Or would you create a work of art?

Frank Danna / Parabox Creative / Via

The tastiest masterpiece.

Would you grab a surfboard and cruise through the ocean?

Marc Morgan / Via


Well... maybe you should just keep them ALL to yourself and shower in Skittles every morning!

(Mmmm, yup. We think this is the best option.)