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11 Pets Who Are Totally Earning Their Keep

They're the heroes that you need, not the ones you deserve.

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1. This dog who can sneeze on command:

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Ben Rosen / Via BuzzFeed

2. This horse who learned the art of debating and disagrees with your position on wealth inequality in America:

3. These actors who put on a stellar performance of Lady and the Tramp:

4. This copycat — err — dog. This copydog:

5. This goat who put all those hours playing Grand Theft Auto to use:

6. This dog who may be the greatest con man of our generation:

7. This bulldog who just wants to make sure your backyard meets the necessary safety regulations:

8. This pup who's your band's biggest supporter:

9. These chicks who had your back all winter:

10. This kitten who checked the freezer before grocery shopping:

11. And this tiny "body"-guard who always had your back.

Still, all of those pets pale in comparison to a cloud that can rain Skittles.

Imagine the possibilities.