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9 Gorgeous Piercings That Might Inspire You To Start Planning Your Next One

I've never wanted to be compared to a pin cushion until now.

There's nothing quite as cathartic as getting a brand new piercing.

And when it comes to piercings, there are few that do them better than SkinKandy.

If you've been thinking of getting a new piercing, this is your sign to do just that. Not convinced? Well, here's some stunning body jewellery to give you some inspiration.

1. This stunning nose ring and stud combination that will make you want to have a photoshoot out in nature.

2. This set, which includes a lobe, upper lobe and helix piercing that will make it seem like you're making an effort, even if you've just rolled out of bed.

3. This septum piercing and star earring combo that'll take any of your looks to the next level.

4. This gorgeous yet understated styled ear that you can rock just about anywhere.

5. This incredible colour coordination, which features a septum, helix and rook ring that makes me want to immediately get everything pierced, so I can match all my outfits to my jewels.

6. This stud, dangle and helix collaboration that makes me want to scream in adoration.

7. This septum ring that proves they look absolutely fantastic on everybody.

8. This belly ring that oozes noughties energy — and I am absolutely here for it.

9. And finally, this tragus earring and septum combination that'll turn you into the pierced icon you're truly destined to be.

You can get these piercings and so much more at SkinKandy — so what on Earth are you waiting for? Book yourself an appointment on their website.