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What You Think It Will Be Like Vs. What It Is Actually Like To Turn 30

Does everything change or nothing at all?

1. Expectation: Everything will feel different.

Reality: Nothing changes.

Gremlin / Getty Images

2. Expectation: You will mourn the end of your 20s.

Reality: Your 30s are way better anyway.

E! / Via

3. Expectation: Your 30s are for settling down.

Dragonimages / Getty Images

Reality: Your 30s are for anything you bloody well want them to be for.

4. Expectation: You'll have lots of friends.

ABC / Via

Reality: You'll have narrowed down your friendship group to the people who really matter.

HBO Films / Via

5. Expectation: You won't get spots anymore.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Reality: Everyone, at every age, gets spots.

20th Century Fox / Via

6. Expectation: You'll start drinking nice, expensive wines.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via

Reality: You'll buy whatever plonk is on offer.

SNL / Via

7. Expectation: You stop going out out.

Hongqi Zhang / Getty Images

Reality: You still haven't learnt that going out on a work night is not a good idea.

8. Expectation: You and your friends will now only discuss mortgages, babies, and stocks and shares.

We TV / Via

Reality: You will still get in semi-heated arguments about whether aliens are real.

9. Expectation: You still have a grasp on what the teens are saying.

New Line Cinema / Via

Reality: You literally have no idea what some of them are talking about, but you also do not care.

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10. Expectation: You'll be all set on your career path.

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Reality: You are, but you still dream about quitting and becoming a diving instructor some days.

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11. Expectation: You really are an adult now.

Reality: Your mum will still call to check you are okay. Every. Single. Day.

Dragana991 / Getty Images

Age really is just a number. Stop piling on the pressure and start embracing every milestone, big or small and feel confident at every age. Watch this video by SK-II and #ChangeDestiny.

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