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You're Not Going To Want To Miss #BareSkinChat With Chloë Grace Moretz And James Corden

You know them; you love them; they're here to talk about skincare. Head to SK-II and catch #BareSkinChat.

SK-II's brand-new series, #BareSkinChat, features your favorite stars getting real about skincare. Check out the trailer here:

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Like most of us, James Corden has been bitten by the skincare bug and who better to turn to for sage advice than the ever-dewy Chloë Grace Moretz?

Skincare advice is a pressing emergency, and James knows that sometimes you just have to turn up in someone's bathroom unannounced to uncover their most coveted beauty secrets.

Revealing what really happens behind closed doors, the #BareSkinChat series shows the celebs getting up to crazy antics like tap-dancing, taking facial bubble baths, and even making their own ASMR.

But what James is really after is Chloë's beauty holy grail: SK-II's iconic Pitera™ Essence, the secret behind that sweet baby angel face. Armed with Chloë's beauty secret, James becomes the skinfluencer you never knew you needed.

The series also stars Japanese comedian extraordinaire Naomi Watanabe and Japanese actor Kasumi Arimura.

Clearly, SK-II's #BareSkinChat is a must see. Tune in and get all the dish on what happens behind closed (bathroom) doors.

Want to know more about Chloë's ultimate beauty secret? Head on over to SK-II and try the PITERA™ Essence Set. Your skin will thank you.

Images via SK-II