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We Surveyed US Women About Age-Related Pressure And Here’s What They Said

As part of their #INeverExpire campaign, SK-II and BuzzFeed wanted to learn more about the societal pressure women in the US feel to achieve life milestones on a certain timeline. So we asked them! Here’s what we found.

No surprise, we learned that there is significant pressure on women today to get married and make babies.

We also found that the most significant pressure that young women today face has to do with career: the strong desire for financial independence and having "made it" in the eyes of family and society in general.

Bottom line? Even in 2018, women in the US face significant pressure to live according to society's timeline — but they're also prioritizing being independent and living life on their own terms. What pressure have you felt, and how do you rise above it? Join SK-II in telling the world #INeverExpire!

Illustration by Victoria Reyes © BuzzFeed 2018

The BuzzFeed/Lucid poll was conducted online between March 29–April 6, 2018, and questioned 1,047 women in the US 18–45 years old. The results featured in this article highlight data from women aged 18–24.