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15 Reasons Princess Bubblegum And Marceline The Vampire Queen Are Better Together

This is a ship that can't be stopped.

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1. Adventure Time's Marceline The Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum couldn't be more different if they tried. / Cartoon Network

But the perfect juxtaposition of their personalities makes your stomach hurt with joy.

2. Because while they can get under each other's skin...

... deep down they really get each other.

3. And when you combine their completely badass talents...

... they are pretty much unstoppable.

4. Even if they hate admitting it to themselves, they truly appreciate each other.

5. It's obvious the chemistry between these two is palpable...

6. ...and the music they make together is on point.

7. When Princess Bubblegum subtly shows how much she cares, it warms your cold dark soul.

Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network

8. Also, when she not-so-subtly shows how much she cares.

Cartoon Network

*T-shirt sniffing break* OKAY

9. When Marceline sang out these beautiful lyrics...

10. ... and these looks of anger (true love) were exchanged...

Cartoon Network

11. ... there was no choice but to revel in all the angsty feelings.

12. The entire WORLD seems to know the truth.

13. Even the Adventure Time storyboard writers know it to be true...

14. ... these two ladies were made for each other.

15. This is a ship that simply can't be STOPPED!

Glob knows, we wouldn't have it any other way.

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