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21 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Seeing Another Queer Couple In Public

I see you, fam.

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1. You know that feeling you get when you spot another queer couple out and about, just living their lives?

When you see a gay couple in public #livingforit

2. Don't worry, it's not just you.

does anyone else get overly happy when they see a same-sex couple being affectionate in public? or is it just me.

3. You know the feeling, when you go all ~ heart eyes ~ on the inside?

When I see another gay couple in public I get hyped. Is that weird?

4. It's a surprisingly emotional thing.

Passing another lesbian couple on the street is a special sort of bond honestly

5. You could say it's borderline therapeutic.

There's something so incredibly calming about seeing a gay couple in public and I can't describe it

6. If only there was some non-creepy way you could just tell them how happy you are for them:

me when i see a cute queer couple in public:

7. Or at least have them recognize that you're on the same team:

when you’re gay and you see another gay couple holding hands in public

8. After all, you're family — and family looks out for one another.

Whenever my girl and I see another gay couple in public that we may not even know we always look at each other, smile, and whisper "FAMILY."

9. 💪 💪 💪

*sees another gay in public* i must protect him

10. You're not trying to be rude, you want their attention:

*when you see another gay person in public and you stare at them until your eyes burn out of your skull*

11. If only they could see:

Seeing another lesbian couple when ur grocery shopping with the gf like "do you feel our hearts saying hiiii"

12. Because, hey, love is a beautiful thing:

Me: *sees adorable gay couple in public with alot of family*

13. And seeing yourself reflected out in the real world can be a powerful moment.

I totally forgot to tell that I saw a gay couple in public holding hands and it made me sob on the inside because they looked so cute! ; ^;

14. Even PDA seems acceptable, adorable, and appropriate:

when u see a straight couple making out in public vs when u see a gay couple making out in public

15. Maybe you're just biased? Who's to say:

seeing a straight couple vs seeing a queer couple

16. OK, you're biased:

me when I see a straight couple on TV vs when I see a gay couple

17. We've all nearly penned this novel:

Thought It Was A Gay Couple Making Out in Public; They Were Straight and I Was Adequately Disgusted Again: The Cassandra Story

18. But it's a total win and it feels GOOD:

I silently "yaaas" to myself every time I see a queer couple be affectionate in public. Every instance is a win for us.

19. LOOK! CUTE! RIGHT THERE! * Swerves off the road *

The reaction I have when I see a gay couple while I'm driving is the same reaction as when I see dogs lol

20. And maybe, one day, it won't be a big deal...

I don't think I will ever get over the pride I feel when I see a gay/lesbian couple together in public. How much it's changed in my lifetime

21. ... but for now, please continue with the feels:

Do you see a gay couple in public holding hands or kissing and they're totally unashamed and inspiring and you just: