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    23 Questions You Probably Have For Lesbian Movies

    *Gestures wildly around* Why?

    1. Why can't we think of a new storyline?

    2. Seriously, why can't two queer women just bump into each other at the coffee shop and fall in love like everyone else?

    I'm kinda tired of the lesbian-steals-"straight"-girl-from-her-boyfriend movies. How about a lesbian falling in lov…


    Not that it has happened to me personally, but just saying.

    3. How is Bend It Like Beckham one of the greatest queer love stories of our time without actually being a queer love story?

    Fox Searchlight

    4. (Same question for these films too.)

    Paramount Pictures

    5. What's with the forehead-to-forehead lean on covers?

    Enlightenment productions / New Line Cinema

    Who made this creative decision?

    6. And wait, why are there so many teacher/student storylines?


    This, like, seems like a really bad idea you guys!?

    7. Why do we know in our hearts these movies are pretty terrible, but the minute someone insults them we are willing to defend them till the bitter end?

    Twitter: @patsymounts

    What did you say about Imagine & You? That is a fucking classic, Karen.

    8. *Lowers glasses* And who the hell told straight people about scissoring?


    9. In Imagine Me & You, how did Rachel and Heck not actually meet the flower person (Luce) before their actual wedding day!?

    Fox Searchlight

    What kind of wedding planning is that?

    10. I can barely keep a pet hamster alive, but in Lost And Delirious Paulie had time to nurse a falcon back to health (and fucking train it)?

    Lionsgate Entertainment

    And everyone was cool with that!?

    11. Why 👏 are 👏 books 👏 always 👏 keeping 👏 it 👏 real?

    Universal Pictures

    12. Why hasn't this very good idea taken off yet?


    13. Why are we all known by one name, huh?


    Just wondering.

    14. And when will I get to experience love-at-first-sight in the middle of a crowded department store?

    15. How has a fake Totino's ad somehow become our pièce de résistance?

    16. Why is this so accurate?

    Twitter: @badlapis

    Cough Bring it on. cough.

    17. And why — WHY — are they always so sad?

    18. Do queer characters just live for drama?


    We are such messy bitches. Sigh.

    19. And why do we fall for it each and every time?


    20. Shouldn't these movies come with a goddamn warning label?

    21. Where is the cheesy rom-com of our dreams?

    why are lesbian movies always fucking wild cant i get (1) cheesy ass f/f movie PLEASE

    I want a buddy cop movie where Sandra Bullock and Kate McKinnon get married at the end. Make it happen.

    22. Would it really be that hard?


    23. And, seriously, will we ever learn!?