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    A Lot Of Lesbians Hate The Word "Lesbian"

    Love it or hate it, the debate rages on.

    1. The word itself doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

    2. It's simply too long.

    Three syllables? Who has time for all that.

    The words "gay" and "bi" are short and sweet – much more pleasing to our ears.

    3. I think we can all agree, "lesbian" is NOT a sexy word.


    In fact, it sounds like a rare disease.

    Christopher Polk / Getty Images for PCA / Via

    One that you would probably find yourself in group therapy for.

    And I bet it's extremely contagious.

    4. The word itself has geographical origins, but — as far as I know — all lesbians aren't born on the Isle of Lesbos these days.

    Has anyone even considered how the current inhabitants feel about all this?

    NASA / Via

    5. It seems more fitting for a long-extinct prehistoric reptile.


    6. Or some strange type of bean.


    Absolutely delicious when stewed in a tomato sauce. I highly recommend it.

    7. Some people find the word constraining — not only to yourself, but also to whomever you're dating.

    What if you've dated men? What if your partner dates men? What if you're not sure? Help!

    8. Or maybe you're afraid the word will bring about a lot of unwanted stereotypes.

    9. The great thing about words? We don't have to use the ones we don't like.