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What Advice Would You Give To Someone Who Identifies Outside The Gender Binary?

It ain't easy living outside the box.

Identifying as genderfluid or nonbinary in a world that's still based on a strict binary can be.... difficult to say the least.

And first coming to terms with your own gender identity, as well as coming out to friends and family, can be tough at times.

So what helped make it all a bit easier? We want to know!

Maybe you saw yourself reflected in media or television, which made you feel less alone.

Maybe you found solace in fashion and other forms of self-expression.

Or maybe you spent some time educating others on what it really means to exist outside the binary.

And maybe you found 🔥 🔥 🔥 queer artists, celebrities, and creators to look up to.

If you struggled with not feeling quite "queer enough" to be included in the LGBT community, how did you get past those feelings?

We want to know how you came to terms with your own gender identity and what made coming out easier! Share your advice and experiences in the comments section below to be featured in an upcoming LGBT post or video.

What gave you confidence? How did you overcome other people's opinions? Be honest and detailed — your words could help someone still in the closet or just starting to figure things out for themselves.