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Janet Mock Surprised Some Of Her Biggest Fans And Everyone Cried, Basically

"Do we have tissues up in this bitch?"

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Janet Mock is an activist, writer, and all-round queen — so it's no surprise she has some pretty big fans.

We invited three of those fans to stop by the BuzzFeed office, telling them we needed people to discuss their biggest role models on camera for a BuzzFeed video.


(Obviously, they had plenty to say about the one and only Janet Mock.)


But it just goes to show you shouldn't trust anyone these days — they had no idea Mock was waiting just outside the room, ready to surprise them.


The reactions were as priceless as you'd expect:

And how could they not be?


Not only did they get to sit and talk with their actual idol, they took home a signed copy of her new book, Surpassing Certainty.


She also dished out some sage advice for trans youth out there:

"One piece of advice I would give young trans folk is to center yourself in your experiences but don't be limited by only your experiences. Learn more about those around you and figure out how to build coalitions and link up with people who are equally as marginalized. Being different and being seen as 'other' in this country doesn' thave to be an isolating experience, it can be an experience that brings folks together."

And they took a ton of selfies, of course.


A true Janet Mock dream come true.


Watch the entire surprise below, and snag your own copy of Mock's latest book right here.

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