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People Are Already Fangirling Over The Black Lesbian Superhero On "Black Lightning"

Only two episodes in and we all stan Anissa Pierce.

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If you're not yet watching Black Lightning on the CW, let's quickly bring you up to speed. Spoilers ahead, obviously.

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Actor Nafessa Williams plays Anissa Pierce, a young superhero with other-worldly abilities (that she is only just starting to discover).

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She's actually the daughter of the show's hero, Black Lightning, but she doesn't* know* her dad is Black Lightning — it's a whole thing. It's also a comic book, so read that too.

Seriously, she is kicking a lot of ass only two episodes in.


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Oh, and she's super-duper canonically gay.

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And the show is actually giving The Gays what they want, right away, in Episode 2!

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*Screams silently for the joy of representation*

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That's it. That's all you need to know.

Viewers were quick to provide their feedback and approval of the storyline:

Omg they’re treating Anissa’s sexuality so normally her dad just casually saying she’s at her girlfriend’s 😭😭😭…

“Our sex is mind blowing you know that?” THE ARE ACTUALLY TALKING ABOUT HAVING GAY SEX AND IT’S GIVING ME FEELINGS #BlackLightning

It's something a lot of people weren't used to seeing on their TV screens, especially if you yourself are a black, queer, woman:

That's right, only two episodes in and we've already got all this precious queer content.

I’m happy that Anissa is openly gay and her parents know and it’s just normal. A lot of shows like to make it a sec…

One of the best thing about #BlackLightning is that we don't have to wait. Yes, it's centered on Jefferson Pierce,…


Others were quick to defend the show against those who accused the writers of, you know, making something gay:

Because the real world is gay AF and her character is canon. So... #BlackLightning

People freaking out about Anissa being a lesbian in #BlackLightning need to chill. Firstly, the writers aren’t forc…

Executive producer Salim Akil made it clear in a recent interview that there won't be any "special episode" focusing on Anissa's coming out story or sexuality — because that's not the point!

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"I just want it to be what it is, just life. Just her life," Akil told POPSUGAR. "So if you notice, in the second episode, we just open up on this scene, and there she is with her girlfriend. If you were to do that with a guy and a girl, it wouldn't be anything. But to see these black women, natural, having a conversation not about their sexuality but about what she's going through, to me that's more profound than having a very special episode."

And Williams? Yeah, she's here for it too.

"She's walking boldly and unapologetically in who she is," the actor told Teen Vogue in a recent interview about her character.

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It's amazing to watch because I've been getting on social media a lot of comments. Not even just black lesbians, just young lesbians everywhere who want to see more of themselves on TV and show what the life of a lesbian is like. You're gonna go on that journey with Anissa. It's also cool because my parents on the show, they're very accepting and open about my sexuality. I hope that parents watching are inspired to support their lesbian or gay child.

So? What more do you need to know? Get watching!

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