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    Underwear Flash Mob Makes Times Square Super Sexy

    Things got sexy so fast, no one could have seen this coming.

    New York CIty's Times Square is usually pretty unsexy.

    Fast food, people in scary costumes, mass amounts of tourists. Not turned on, folks.

    But earlier this week, everything changed when this happened:

    What's this? Handsome men? And they have choreographed dance moves!

    Everyone's just like, "Eh, okay. This is New York CIty and we've seen it all."

    But, then things got a bit sexier — by Times Square standards anyway.

    Suddenly, this woman can't wait to get that camera in focus.

    It's quite chilly out boys, don't take off your clothes!

    Turns out, this is actually a well-placed stunt for Justin Case, a new underwear brand.

    And it could be the sexiest thing that's happened in Times Square.

    Bravo, boys.

    Watch the sexy happen for yourself:

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