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Transgender Teen Shares Coming-Out Story With Inspiring Birthday Photos

"I came out to my family last year as transgender, and in doing so saved my life," 15-year-old Milo shared on his Tumblr.

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Update: BuzzFeed News spoke with Milo about his decision to share such a personal message. He said:

I knew tumblr was a positive environment for kids like me, and I thought it would be helpful to some people to hear my story. After all the really bad stuff thats been happening in the transgender community, I think we needed a little positivity. I hope that [trans kids] really understand the message of 'don't give up' that I was trying to get across. Being a trans teen is awful, and a lot of kids don't live long enough to make it out of their teen years. So I guess I was hoping that more trans kids would start being excited for the future too.

His only advice to parents of trans kids? "Support them without a second doubt."

"Buy them new clothes, respect name changes – parents are the biggest influence no matter what anyone says. Just be positive, please."