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    Transgender People Are Making Their Needs Known To The Federal Government With #TransNeeds

    The hashtag campaign stemmed from a conversation at the 2015 White House LGBT Tech Summit concerning the lack of data regarding the trans community.

    The White House hosted an LGBTQ Tech summit last month to discuss how the federal government can better address the needs of the transgender community. It was from this meeting that the #TransNeeds twitter campaign, launched Wednesday, was born.

    Courtesy of Ina Fried

    "The effort really began with a casual conversation I had in June with DJ Patil, the U.S. Chief Data Scientist," Ina Fried, a trans journalist and participant in the White House LGBT Tech Summit, told BuzzFeed News. "He's working on all kinds of initiatives like precision medicine that depend on accurate data and I pointed out how little data of any kind exists about trans people."

    "Indeed, because trans people are largely not acknowledged, our information often shows up in medical data as anomalies, such as when a transgender man tries to get a mammogram," she added.

    Very excited to see the transgender community lead by creating the #transneeds initiative. Send in your transgender needs w/ that #.

    The volunteer-run group created a Twitter handle based on the hashtag in hopes of discovering how the federal government can better serve transgender community.

    Twitter: @transneeds

    In addition to the Twitter handle, a text-only phone line has been established: (844) TRNS NDS or (844) 876-7637.

    Trans activist Janet Mock and actor Laverne Cox took up the hashtag right away:

    Robin Marchant / Getty Images

    Share your thoughts/observations with @transneeds using #transneeds! #trans #girlslikeus #transisbeautiful


    Now others are lending their voices, commenting on the need for safe restrooms, non-discrimination laws, and more inclusive healthcare:

    Transgender training and education for all federal employees that interact with the public or work with citizen data. #transneeds

    #transneeds mandatory trans-competency training for ALL officials (TSA, police, immigration, DMV, etc)

    #transneeds Law that business has to allow for people to transition on the job and not be fired for it.

    Mental Health facilities with all staff, doc to RX qualified and component to end trauma when we're at our most vulnerable #transneeds

    Fried told BuzzFeed News that the group's ultimate goal is to get a sense for the unmet needs of the trans community and hear from as wide of a cross-section as possible.

    #transneeds We need the federal anti discrimination law.Right now it's legal to not hire someone because they are trans in most of the USA.

    #TransNeeds Nationwide reform of ID policies to make obtaining proper photo ID easier to keep #Trans lives safer.

    People need access to HRT even if they cant produce a letter from an "expert" telling them they are "eligible" for HRT #transneeds

    The findings will be reported back to both the Office of Public Engagement and the Office of Science and Technology Policy with recommendations for further study.

    "Our project will produce a report that will include a data analysis of the social media listening campaign as well as recommendations on actions the government could take," Fried explained.

    My daughter asks "was she born like me?" #transneeds visibility & support so she can have more role models like @janetmock @JazzJennings__

    #transneeds I work for the government but they don't recognize any kind of gender other than the binary. Let me be genderfluid!

    #transneeds To not be treated like a monolith - my experiences and desires aren't indicative of every trans woman. Never will be.

    Excited to discover @transneeds! I have a job, housing, healthcare -- & that needs to be normal for #trans people, not lucky. #transneeds

    @transneeds HOPE! A path for those in poverty to attain surgery in a timely manner. #transneeds

    FInd out more about the project here.