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    Posted on Apr 17, 2013

    Touching Apology From Teacher To Transgender Student

    After an awkward moment in class one teacher went the extra mile to make Colban Clark, a transgender art student, feel comfortable. This teacher deserves all the awards.

    Colban Clark, a freshman at the American Academy of Art, shared a story from class on his Tumblr:

    Last Wednesday one of my teachers that knows I'm trans* was talking to me in front of the class and used the wrong pronouns. 5 mins later she came up to me, handing me a really nice brand new sketch book and simply said "Merry Christmas" and walked away. I took the sketchbook and said thanks and I opened it up to find a note saying "Sorry I called you a she." Little things like this can just make my day.

    Colban's reaction to the gesture:

    "I wasn't used to any teacher (or even adult figure) correcting themselves unless I corrected them first or said something, so I was really happy that she understood and realized what that meant to me. I could tell she was embarrassed that she even made that mistake, which is why she gave me the sketchbook. I was glad she didn't make it a big deal and just stuck a note in a book. It was really casual and that way no one in class had to witness her apologizing and being flustered about even making the mistake."