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    This Is What Happens At New York Fashion Week's Biggest Queer Runway Show

    So many bowties, so little time.

    On the last night of New York Fashion Week, the Brooklyn Museum set the scene for VERGE — the largest queer fashion event of NYFW.

    Sarah Karlan/BuzzFeed

    This is the second time dapperQ, the "premier style and empowerment website for masculine presenting women, gender queers, and trans-identified individuals," has put on the fashion week event. This year's show was made possible by a collaboration between bklyn boihood, DYDH Productions, and Posture Magazine.

    The show featured eight collections from various out queer designers including MARKANTOINE, SunSun, Jag & Co, and LACTIC.

    As expected, the models that walked the runway were handsome...

    Sarah Karlan/BuzzFeed

    ... beautiful, dapper...

    Sarah Karlan
    Sarah Karlan

    ... and everything in between:

    Sarah Karlan/BuzzFeed
    Sarah Karlan/BuzzFeed

    It was a show where not all the models were six-foot-something:

    Where sometimes you had major shoe envy...

    ... and sometimes not:

    It was an event where you could get your makeup done in the presence of actual artwork...

    Sarah Karlan/ BuzzFeed

    ... or get a little haiku to take home.

    A night to ask... wait, what the heck does this all mean?

    Sarah Karlan/BuzzFeed

    Because nobody has the right answer.

    A night to snag a quick selfie behind stage...

    ... or more than one.

    A night to attend and be ~ feeling yourself ~ for dressing exactly how you want:

    A night to don your best bowtie:

    (Seriously, so many bowties)

    It was a night to ~swoon~:

    A night to snag a photo with model Elliott Sailors looking perfect in a tux:

    Or witness her looking perfect alongside model Harmony Boucher:

    A night to make a statement:

    But mostly, a night to oggle a bunch of gorgeous humans — on and off the runway.

    Sarah Karlan
    Sarah Karlan

    *Takes notes, heads out to go shopping*