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    This Is What Happens When You Ask Queer Women About Dental Dams

    Kids, please DO try this at home!

    Dental dams are easily the most misunderstood of all prophylactics. Even if you've heard of them, do you actually know what they are or what they protect against?

    Hoping to shed light on the mystery, we asked a bunch of queer women for some answers:

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    Turns out, they didn't know what they were talking about...

    ... or it was their first time actually getting their hands on a dam outside of a sex ed class.

    We had to bring in a little help from an expert:

    After the educational lesson, it was time time for arts and crafts. We instructed each of the ladies to DIY their very own dental dam from a condom.

    Apparently easier said than done.

    Watch the struggle, in full, right here:

    Facebook: video.php