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This Makeup Tutorial Parody Tears Down Bisexual Stereotypes

"You want to make sure that your imperfections are about as visible as the bi community." YouTuber Amy Geliebter created this parody video to voice her frustrations concerning the treatment of the bisexual community.

In her "bisexual makeup" parody video, YouTuber Amy Geliebter uses makeup application to speak out on the stereotypes associated with the bisexual community.

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Geliebter begins with a clean and moisturized face, "to simulate the clean slate we are all born with."

Geliebter told BuzzFeed News, "I realized that I had a lot I wanted to get off my chest about bisexuality and thought if I could make people laugh while I was doing it…even better."

"I can remember having crushes on both boys and girls ever since I was a kid, but every time I confided in someone I was told that I was confused or simply going through a phase. It wasn't until last year that I was finally able to acknowledge that I was actually bisexual and learn to embrace it," the YouTuber added.

"Overwhelmingly, I just feel a lot of love from the LGBT community on YouTube and I’m so glad people are receiving the video so well," Geliebter said of the response to her video.

"I think the best thing someone could take away from my video is that you’re not alone," she added.

"Human sexuality is a wide spectrum, and it's OK if you fall somewhere in the middle. Your experience is valid. Your sexuality is valid, and you deserve to be heard."

*mic drop*

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