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This Is What Happens When You Ask Straight Men To Identify Their Own Buttholes Out Of A Lineup

"To thine own butt be true."

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After Youtuber Davey Wavey made a viral video of women looking at their vaginas for the first time, he realized there was a part of men's bodies that many never see: Their own buttholes.

For the video, Wavey assembled a group of straight men and had them pick out their own booties from a lineup.

Assstoundingly, confidence levels were not very high.

Some seemed to crack under the pressure.

Having a strategy is something we can all really get behind.

Wavey makes the point that straight and gay men sometimes view their bodies differently:

It wasn't hard finding straight guys to participate. I can't speak for all gay men, but my butthole is an intensely personal place. But for a lot of straight guys, it's not magical or mysterious or sacred – it's where they poop. It was like asking to take a picture of their elbow. They didn't care and were really indifferent to the whole thing.

Clearly, there some big differences between gay men and straight men, and how we view our bodies. But at the end of the day, it's important for all of us – gay or straight – to be in tune with our bodies. Explore. Discover. Celebrate. And for the love of God, wash off the toilet paper fuzz.

Butt, let's get down to the bottom of this mystery:

"Oh, God. Wow."

"It's like an Andy Warhol gone wrong."

"This definitely ain't me, that's way too much hair."

Ultimately, every man had to face his own truth... and his own butthole.

Though some were triumphant...

... not everyone knew their own behinds.

Everyone did learn a valuable lesson: "To thine own butt be true."

Watch the "hole" thing right now:

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