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This Is The Only Thanksgiving Twerking Song You Want Or Need

This holiday, remember to "twerk your turkey — twerk it right." LogoTV premieres a special holiday music video.

LogoTV is urging anyone who wants to avoid the stress of Thanksgiving this year to spend it with their besties instead for "Friendsgiving."

A special music video has been released to kick off the holiday programming.

The song takes us through the important steps in preparing such a delicious meal.

Once all the fixings are prepared, it's time to turn your attention to the main event: Mr. Turkey.

The most important, and often overlooked, cooking step? The twerking of the turkey.

Twerking ensures juiciness and tenderness.

Twerking ensures the strongest flavor in your finished bird.

And twerking your turkey ensures you'll have the best "Friendsgiving" ever.

This Thanksgiving — please — don't forget to twerk out your meal.

Watch the premiere video here:

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Logo’s "Friendsgiving" runs from Wednesday, November 27th thru Sunday, December 1st. Learn more here.