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    This High School Student Knows More About Love Than Most People

    Kim Ho, only 17-years-old, published a monologue about a boy falling in love with his best friend. The story was turned into a short film, which has resonated with audiences all over the globe.

    When 17-year-old Kim Ho entered a monologue he had written into a competition, he had no idea what the short piece would eventually become.

    His entry won, and he connected with playwright Tommy Murphy to make the piece into a longer work that would become the short film The Language Of Love.

    The three minute monologue focuses on a teenager named Charlie, portrayed by Kim himself, coming to terms with his own sexuality.

    Charlie is forced to confront his feelings during a french exam, when a question prompts him to write about his best friend:

    The film touches upon the pain and confusion that comes along with falling for someone for the very first time.

    Kim said of the themes in the film, "Homosexuality is still a sensitive topic, and I immediately felt pressured to write something that was candid but not disrespectful to the LGBT community [...] something that would resonate with people no matter what their sexuality."

    Kim's aim was to show, "that love could transcend barriers, and maybe it was even more special when it did."

    The film, which was shot at his high school in Sydney, has touched audiences all over the globe.

    Since it was released in April, it has been watched by more than 100,000 people on YouTube.

    Watch The Language Of Love:

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    And get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film:

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