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    This Is The Only Coloring Book You'll Need After A Breakup

    Instead of texting her back, break out the colored pencils.

    Breakups suck. Period. This is a well known fact — but there may be hope! Illustrator and comedian Nawwal Moustafa is behind the coloring book poised to help every broken-hearted lady through the darkest times.

    Chin Up, DreamBoat! is the "creative companion for lesbian breakups" inspired by actual breakup stories, including the author's own personal experiences.

    By day Moustafa works as a teacher for at-risk youth in her local Portland, Oregon, but in her free time the 26-year-old tours locally with several improv groups. "I'm silly and I care," she wrote to BuzzFeed News in an email.

    "It was a typical, over committed too soon relationship," Moustafa said of the break up that inspired the coloring project. "I created this as a tool for others, and a tool for myself."

    The book, which surpassed its target on Kickstarter in just hours, works through all the phases of getting your heart rocked: depression, denial, anger, making the mistake of texting them back, etc.

    "I hope that by the end, they feel confident and mended if they need that," the Moustafa explained. "My whole artistic vibe is one of optimism. I want to offer people an opportunity to actively take part in moving on in a healthy way."

    The "at work thinking about her" face, don't we all know it too well.

    The next step is working to get the book printed, or as Moustafa puts it, "Getting the people what they want!" Below are a few exclusive pages provided to BuzzFeed.

    With the initial success of Dreamboat, Moustafa already has a new theme planned for a second coloring book.

    "I think coloring for adults are so popular because it's a true flow activity. You feel immersed and often very positive. We are allowed choices when we color, and typically, we know exactly what to do. As adults, that is rarely the case, so there is a certain feeling of expertise or mastery in coloring."

    Her personal advice for getting over a breakup? "Create something. It doesn't have to be beautiful."

    You can add the book to your bin of post-break up necessities, right next to the Ben & Jerry's, by clicking here.