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This 92-Year-Old Trans WWII Veteran Is Fighting To Be Treated Like Any Other Widow

Robina Asti shares her extraordinary love story and her fight to receive survivor benefits after losing the love of her life.

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Now 92 years old, she fondly remembers spending time over the Pacific during World War II. She was only 21 at the time.

Getting her pilot's license at just 18, Robina became a commercial pilot and flight instructor.


Working as a vice president of a mutual fund, she would go to work in men's clothing and then change in the evenings.

"It was quite burdensome, and I knew it would never be accepted then. So I quit and decided I had to live and work as a woman."


After his passing, Robina applied for survivor benefits with the SSA. She was denied after it was determined she was "legally male" at the time of their marriage — despite all the legal documents she had in her possession.

Lambda Legal created this video to share Robina's story:

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