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The Woes Of Having Curly Hair

Curls are fascinating to those who don't have them and can be a constant struggle for those who do.

People have a special fascination with curly hair.

"Wow, look at your hair!" As if you hadn't's on your head.

They don't understand how it works.

They always want to TOUCH it and FEEL it.

No matter how many times you warn people, they just don't listen.

Hopefully they'll get the hint eventually.

You spent your entire childhood attempting to control it...

...and listening to people talk about it.

But you quickly wised up to the secrets of the curly world.

Hair brushes are the enemy.

(Unless your hair is soaking wet and smothered in conditioner).

The other enemy: moisture in general.

Extra volume isn't something you EVER need.

If it's raining, you might as well just give up.

The drying process is completely unpredictable.

The phenomenon of hair shrinkage is a mystery.

People don't understand your deepest fears:

You stick to the one "curl friendly" salon, to avoid looking like this.

Because at most places...

People often see curly hair as something to fix.

Or something that can be improved upon.

You suffer through commercials targeting curly hair, with non-curly hair models.

It's a constant day-to-day battle.

If only you lived in the '80s, when big hair was beautiful and life was good.

Every once in a while you may fall into the trap of straight-hair envy.

Princess Mia seemed happier with straight hair, right?

Let's face it, everyone wants what they can't have.

But having curly hair is totally badass.

Even if the outside world can't relate...

...the important thing is, Harry Styles can.

Juan Naharro Gimenez / Getty Images