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The Story Behind The Song "I Just Want To Be A Lesbian"

This new track from Felix Da Housecat has a weird title, and an even weirder story.

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Chicago-based DJ Felix Da Housecat has released a hot new summer jam.

The track, entitled "I Just Want To Be A Lesbian" feat. Romina Cohn, came out June 10th:

Turns out, the name of the song was a bit of an accident:

Apparently, Felix met singer Romina Cohn in a club one night and heard her track "I Want To Be The Residents".

Felix misheard the song’s chorus, and told the singer “I loved ‘I Just Want To Be A Lesbian!’”

She told him that he’d obviously misunderstood the lyrics. That's when he suggested they collaborate with the lyrics as he’d heard them.

Besides the refrain, "I want to be a lesbian," the track has very few other lyrics.

New summer anthem for all the lesbian wannabes out there?

Romina's track:

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And the resulting collaboration:

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