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    The Most Extreme Diets, Detoxes, And Cleanses

    These crash diets seem more like challenges from Fear Factor, yet people continue to suffer through.

    1. The Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse

    Eat as you normally would, but supplement with three tablespoons of apple cider and vinegar before each meal. Not surprisingly, if you continue this cleanse for too long, you may experience stomach and throat irritation.

    2. The Master Cleanse

    Also known as "the lemonade diet", it involves drinking nothing but a lemonade concoction for 7 to 10 days. Simply drink 6 to 12 glasses of water each day mixed with maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and lemon juice. No solid food for 10 days? Sounds like a great time.

    Flickr: kayveeinc

    You have been warned.

    Apparently it worked out for Beyoncé.

    3. The Baby Food Diet

    This fad, in which you eat nothing but baby food, has become quite popular among Hollywood stars. It may push you to consume more fruits and vegetables, but the insanely small portions are meant for infants...not adults.

    4. Ketogenic Enteral Nutrition Diet

    Possibly the most extreme diet tactic yet. Simply walk around with a tube up your nose for this 10-day liquid-only diet. A mix of protein, fat, and water is fed into your stomach through a nasal tube.

    You also get to carry around one of these bad boys all day long.

    5. The Cotton Ball Diet

    The insanely dangerous practice of eating cotton balls has been used by supermodels to stay thin. Even if you soak them in juice...cotton balls are not food.

    Sounds like a bad idea.

    6. David Kirsch 48-Hour Super Charged Cleanse

    Used by stars like Anne Hathaway to drop major pounds before a role, this plan is based on a bottled lemonade beverage similiar to the master cleanse. This 48-hour long cleanse has the motto "If you're chewing, you're cheating!"

    7. The Liver and Gallbladder Flush

    Simply drink two glasses of apple juice every two hours (and go to the bathroom every five minutes). At the end of the two days, chug a half cup of olive oil plus one cup of salt water. Delicious!

    8. The Martha's Vineyard Diet

    After a few celebs dropped big pounds using this method, the 21-day detox gained immense popularity. Vegetable juice and herbal tea are your mainstays during this cleanse, which claims you can lose up to a pound per day.

    Probable side effect:

    9. The Blue Print Cleanse

    This company will ship you all the necessary fruit and veggie juices, but that's all you will be eating.

    All Juice?

    10. Breatharianism

    John Walker/Fresno Bee/MCT

    Followers of this cult-like diet truly believe they can survive on sunlight and water alone, with no food at all. Unsurprisingly, anyone who attempts this diet experiences severe dehydration, malnutrition, and other severe complications.

    Food, anyone?