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    The First Interactive National HIV Mapping Tool Is Here

    Today, on National HIV Testing day, a new site has launched complete with interactive maps on a national, state, and local level.

    In honor of National HIV Testing Day, Emory University has released new national data on the AIDSVu website:

    The campaign hopes to not only educate, but encourage people of all ages to "Take the Test, Take Control."

    The site features the first and only interactive national HIV mapping tool available.

    AIDSVu’s mission? To make HIV prevalence data widely accessible and locally relevant.

    The interactive maps show the latest HIV-related data for 18 U.S. cities by ZIP code or census tract:

    So you can easily compare data between two cities:

    San Francisco


    You can compare other factors, such as poverty level or availability of health insurance:

    Statistics are also available on other sexually transmitted diseases by state:

    Data for the state of New York:

    Data for the state of California:

    To encourage everyone to go and get tested, the site allows you to find HIV testing and treatment centers near you:

    Because HIV is not only a national issue, but a local one.

    Learn more:

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